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  • The Graduation Numeracy Assessment is required unless you have previously written the math provincial exam. 
  • You are also required to to write the Graduation Literacy Assessment for Grade 10. 

 Check the Ministry of Education for more information about graduation requirements and exams:  (click here)

Stay in communication with your School of Record counsellor as you make your course choices.


SCIDES School of Record students - School Age


French 10 is a course designed to help students become confident with the French language. The course is designed to develop the skills required to effectively communicate in real-life scenarios. Using spiral curriculum, concepts from earlier French years will be repeated to develop a thorough understanding of the language. There are written assignments/projects, listening comprehension activities, opportunities to communicate with the instructor via telephone and/or video conference, and a final online exam that accompany this course.

It is recommended that students have a strong commitment to the process of learning a second language.

There are no pre-requisites to take this course, however, if your French exposure is limited, aspects of the first assignment may be difficult. After that, the rest of the course will be more comprehensive and understandable.

4 credits

 Workplace Mathematics 10  prepares students to solve problems, communicate and reason mathematically, make connections between mathematics and its applications, become mathematically literate, appreciate and value mathematics, and make informed decisions as contributors to society.  Topics to be covered include:  gross and net pay, measurement and unit conversions, trigonometry, graphing, probability and determining trends in data.

MA9. Scientific calculators are required.