June 5, 2019: Downloaded from eDynamic (version dated June 26, 2018) with Teacher Guide (version dated June 29, 2018). Open to new enrolments. JWheeler

Sept 25, 2020: This course was updated by eDynamic using the LTI. The 2018 download was changed by us so the new LTI pieces didn't update the teacher resources. I have imported the new material from eDynamic, reformatted the course, added navigation language for students, removed passwords from the quizzes, deleted feedback forums (except the Midterm with zero weight as it was good feedback), and reconfigured the gradebook:
- Each unit (except the discussion questions) = 10% for a total of 80%
- SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT: Unit Discussions, Midterm & Final Exam = 20%
------within the Summative Assessment: Discussions (16%) Midterm (30%) Final (54%)
I have also added the Learning Standards and Course Plan as per Karen's templates as well as a course outline with a grading breakdown for students.
Joan Wheeler, TTOC for KGoetz