Graduation Year!

Check and re-check your learning plan.  Plan for your transition to post-secondary programs or to work early.  Your counsellor can advise you and has information about district programs that can support you with the transition.

Check the Ministry of Education website (click here) carefully for information about graduation requirements.

Provincial Assessments

To graduate, three provincial assessments are required.  If you did not complete your Numeracy and Literacy assessments in your Grade 10, discuss your options with your counsellor for writing. 

You will also be required to write a Grade 12 Literacy Assessment.

Review the information on these (click here) and take the time to practice.   Register early with your school of record to write.


Students can order their own transcripts from the Ministry of Education by going to Student Transcript Services on the Ministry of Education website and following the instructions there.  Use this link: